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My name is Tomasz Kacmajor. I'm an engineer focused mainly on programming in .NET technology and also Java or Python recently. In the past I was strongly involved in microwave techniques (post-production tuning, measurements and design of microwave filters used in telecommunication). Such combination allowed me to accomplish many interesting projects in SpaceForest company where I developed mostly the software for microwave filter tuning using A.I. methods.

I was encouraged by the "Daj się poznać 2016" blogging competition to create this blog.

I love to see when software engineer job has a real impact on our reality. That's why I took great satisfaction e.g. from robot programming, which gives you immediate, substantial results. I also like to deeply research on a specified topic instead of just coding submitted requirements. I'm interested in artificial intelligence and computer vision which recently can be used e.g. in applications around the Self-Driving Cars problems.

In private life I'm a big fan of Proggressive rock/metal music (the blog name is not accidental 🙂 ) We even have a band with my colleagues where I try to drum 😉 Furthermore, I strive to be fit, ride a bike, meet friends and read as much as possible.

My Résumé

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