About me


My name is Tomasz Kacmajor. I come from Gdansk, Poland, I have a wonderful wife and a friendly, energetic dog 🙂 I try to seize and enjoy every coming day.

I’m an engineer focused mainly on programming in .NET and Java technology and also Python recently. In the past I was strongly involved in microwave techniques and research about application of machine learning in this area. Such combination allowed me to accomplish many interesting projects in SpaceForest company where I was developing mostly the software for microwave filter tuning using A.I. methods. Right now I continue my journey being involved in space projects (satellites testing software) in Rovsing, Copenhagen.

I love to see when software engineer job has a real impact on our reality. I like to be engaged in the whole SW life cycle, it gives energy, motivation and a bigger picture of the problem to solve. Research, good communication, deep understanding of client’s needs and then proposing a right solution brings me a great satisfaction.

I was encouraged by the “Daj się poznać 2016” blogging competition to create this blog. Topics I cover here are related to my interests which are Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision.

In private life I’m a big fan of almost any kind of music, especially progressive rock/metal. We even meet with colleagues where I try to drum 😉 Furthermore, I strive to be fit, ride a bike, meet friends and read as much as possible.